This New Twist on a Proven Strategy Unlocks Access To a HUGE Un-tapped Market of Hungry Buyers Dying to Pay You $5,000-$10,000 a Pop on a Hidden Goldmine of Houses Nationwide!

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Warning: This isn't JUST another opportunity. Today I'm releasing a small quantity of my brand new Wholesaling Pretty Houses System, and if you read this entire letter you'll discover it's a step-by-step blueprint to making $10,000 or more per month in less than 5 hours a week.

From the Desk Of: Lou Castillo

Dear Friend,

I am very excited to share my story with you today.

Just six months ago I stumbled on an investing strategy that is not only working right now in today's market, but it's one of the easiest and quickest ways I've ever seen to make money as a real estate investor. (and I've been doing this for 15 years!!)

I'm so excited about this strategy I'm actually jumping in my chair because after 5+ years of watching investors struggle to scratch out a living in this business or worse, not even get started...I've developed a proven strategy that...

...Works in every single market across the country (even internationally if that's your cup of tea)!

...doesn't require that you have money, credit, or even a buyers list to start profiting!

...Is easy and you can bring in profits even on a shoestring budget!

...You can close your first deal within 30 days of getting started!

The reason I'm so excited is because for many people, maybe even you, this is going to be a massive game changer and here is the absolute BEST part...


That's right.

Wholesaling, the old school way, is still working and it's been one of the most proven and popular strategies for investing in real estate over the last 30 years.  And that's what 99.9% of investors across the country are focusing on, but that's not what we're doing...we've found a way to tweak the system and create a whole new market where finding and flipping houses is EASY!

...we're not looking for old fixer-uppers we can sell to rehabbers or rehab ourselves...that takes time and money, two things that I'd rather not spend if I don't absolutely have to! Besides, finding rehabbers who actually have the cash to buy these days is getting tougher right?

I was shocked when I saw the statistics for who's REALLY buying wholesale properties these days...It baffled me at first, but the numbers speak for themselves...


When I saw this, I realized that I was missing the biggest portion of buyers available in the market place (here's where you benefit) and so are 99.9% of investors out there.

So, I asked myself: What is it that this un-tapped market of buyers wants?

It was simple. They want "Pretty" houses. Houses they can move into immediately. Houses that are in good areas of town. Houses they can be proud of, and that require very little if any fix-up whatsoever. And with record foreclosures everywhere and our volatile housing market these pretty houses are everywhere!!

Let me go backwards for just one second and introduce myself properly. My name is Lou Castillo and I've been a real estate investor and trainer for the past 15+ years. I've dabbled in just about every aspect of real estate, but I've always been a  wholesale specialist. Today I'm known as the go to guy when it comes to creating fast turn profits through wholesaling. But that wasn't always the case.

I bought my first real estate course in 1992 from a late night infomercial hosted by none other than ...well, you know who. This was my first ever foray into entrepreneurship and I definitely didn't have any experience in real estate whatsoever. But my life didn't magically change overnight like I had hoped it would.

Back then It took me 18 long grueling months to get my first deal done. I made every mistake in the book and even invented a few new ones too. I was struggling to pay bills. My savings account and 401K were disappearing faster than giant foam middle fingers at a monster truck rally. Now...all jokes aside...It was absolutely terrifying.

I've been in your shoes, I know how to avoid all the pitfalls most investors make and I know how you're feeling right now.



At this point you're probably thinking one of two things:

1) "I am tired of not being able to make as much money in this business as I deserve and I want to finally do something that is going to make me more money now."


2) "I don't believe anything anyone says anymore and I don't believe I have the capacity to make money in any business let alone real estate."

I truly hope you're thinking is like the first example above, because if so, I'm about to show you a proven system that can make you $5,000-$10,000 a month working only a few hours a day and without spending a fortune.

But if you're thinking like example 2, I'm sorry that you have been burned before, and now you have a decision to make. Do you let the past dictate the future and force you to give up your dreams; or do you learn from your mistakes like I did and become more selective about the information you follow?

I give you my word that this program is the real deal. It has the exact steps that I figured out for our business. If you follow what I teach, you’ll have the success that has eluded you in the past. But frankly, if you've given up on yourself and your dreams then maybe you should close out this letter right now because there is nothing that this program or any other can do for you until you have changed your mindset

In my 15 years as a real estate investor I've closed more than 300 deals and along the way I've helped thousands of people. But nothing, and I truly mean this, nothing has the potential to help as many people make A TON of money like this new system. 

The beauty of wholesaling pretty houses, besides the fact that's it's super easy and cheap to get started, is that it's much easier to do than any other form of traditional real estate investing. Think about this...

Most people are out there working their butts of day after day trying to squeeze profit out of bad deals and then turning around and trying to sell those "not so good deals" to people looking for amazing deals...not an easy thing to do right?

It's like finding a source of natural spring water and trying to sell it to the water man...he's not going to be very interested unless it's one heck of a good deal, right?

Now imagine for a moment how drastically different the results would be if you took that same water, but instead of trying to sell it to the water man you found a market of people in the middle of the desert who hadn't had water in days, who without you they might never see water again. Wholesaling pretty houses is truly like this example. You have a rich supply of products and you're providing it to customers who are dying of thirst and have no where else to go! Can you imagine how happy they'd be to see you and buy from you...It's insane how perfect this strategy is for today's market!

The Truth is...

That means, if you want different results than what you've been getting, you need to change up what you're doing. Once you get this simple system in place for yourself you'll see how easy real estate investing should be. When we get started I'll show you how to...

redtick  Make money without ever having to build or have a buyers list ever again! (Almost every other strategy requires you have a very big - very responsive buyers list...NOT this one!)
redtick Profit quickly by finding deals no one else in your market can find or get (because they don't even know that these deals exist)& flipping them to hungry buyers no one else is going after (there are literally millions of these buyers nationwide)
redtick Bring in profits in 30 - 60 days or less without making repairs, dealing with banks or getting new financing for the deal...all while working in nice desirable areas where everyone wants to live!
redtick Instantly create $5,000 paydays on houses where the seller owes what it's worth...this secret isn't what you think and is invaluable if you want to do massive numbers of deals in today's market!
redtick Cash in on an untouched marketplace of buyers who can't get traditional financing for housing...this allows you to become their only option!
redtickSetup & Structure your deals so that your buyers NEVER need financing...I'm regularly hired to teach this one strategy to some of the top real estate players.
redtickGet started, put together deals, and get paid in less than 30 - 60 days!

It's really simple once you see how I'm doing this. So simple that it can be used by anyone... and I'm talking about people who are just getting started in real estate too! It's a simple to understand, step by step system that makes it easy for you to create ongoing profits in real estate.

And for the record, you..

  DON'Tever buy these properties, so you don't need cash!
DON'Tneed to have a list of buyers, as they will flock to your deals!
DON'Tneed banks, hard money lenders, or traditional financing!
DON'Thave to spend much in marketing to find deals...they're everywhere!
DON'Tneed websites, hosting, or prior internet experience

I've laid out the exact steps and provided you with the proper tools to guarantee your success... 


 Inside this system I'll walk you through every simple step so you can be wholesaling pretty houses in no time. My goal for you: I want you to be able to have your entire system setup in 7 days or less and have your first of many dealswithin 30-60 days

With the Wholesale Pretty Houses system, this isn't just a pipe's a reality! Here's everything you get INSTANT online digital access to when you get started by clicking the "add to cart" button below:

Module One:  Finding Pretty House Deals

 Get completely setup from start to finish and start profiting from the current housing and foreclosure boom across the country- this is different than what 99.9% of investors are doing!
Discover how to get aYES every time from a secret pool of millions of sellers that are dying to work with you because you are their only option!
Profit from 3 proven deal finding goldmines that are super low-cost and even free, but will have your phone ringing over the hook with deals.
How to become a Real Estate Maven in your market place by offering a product to sellers who, without you, have ZERO options!
How to bring in $5,000-$10,000 deals every 30 days...on a shoestring budget!

Module Two: Getting The Financing

 Discover how to create guaranteed financing for a pool of buyers who are dying to buy homes, but can't...until you save the day!
How to start flipping every deal without EVER worrying about banks or bank qualifying!
How to create a real estate money machine without any of your own money or credit. In fact, this only works if you don't use your own resources!!
What to say, do, and write for every single scenario and situation you'll ever see - This will give you confidence and credibility like nothing else!
Discover how  to FIANLLY level the playing field and close deals in less than 30 days using a strategy that is proven and perfect for today's market!

Module Three: Flipping Deals for BIG Dollars

 How to have buyers literally foaming at the mouth and begging to buy from you!
Discover a simple strategy that will make you the only option for your buyers and how to make even mediocre deals sell for top dollar and even sell faster than any of your comepetition!
How to collect your entire profit...EVEN If the buyer gets cold feet! This deal insurance is priceless and worth the cost of this system times ten!
How to flip your deals without needing a 'buyers list'...this levels the playing field for most new and intermediate investors!
How to get complete control of the deal and close for up to $10,000 or more in 30 days or less!

Up to now this extraordinary Pretty House Wholesaling system would have cost as high as $1,997. But I know $2,000 is more than the average person can afford –so I've decided to price it so low that most people would think they're taking advantage of me.

Here is an astonishing proposition...

If you're willing to track where you are now and where you are after you get the Pretty House Wholesaling System and then boast to your friends about it, here's what I'm prepared to do for you.

You can have access to the entire system and get your pretty house wholesaling system set-up to start putting together incredible deals for sellers and buyers with no other options where you’ll profit $5,000 - $10,000 within 30-60 days.

No, I'm Not Going To Charge You A Thousand Bucks For This *BRAND NEW* system.

I'm not even going to charge half of that, at just $500.

Not even half again at just a paltry $250 (even though the normal price after this introductory offer will be at least $297).

In fact, if you act right now, you can have it for a measly $97…. And no ... that's NOT a missprint.

1. Because I've been able to reduce product costs by delivering the entire system to you digitally. You'll get access to a very simple private site loaded with all the modules, bonuses...everything INSTANTLY!

2. Because I want as many people as possible to benefit from this system and become raving they tell others about it!

3. I know that by reducing the cost, you can more easily afford to give the system a try and when you do and it starts making you money you'll come back to me for other courses, products, and help.

How's that for a little honesty??

That's really like a tear drop in the ocean when you realize the potential you’ll be cashing in on each and every month with this system. And even though you receive full access for a one time incredibly small fee, I know it’s important to you that you’ve made the right decision, so I am going to fully back your investment so you can feel absolutely secure that this is the right program for you. 

NO.None whatsoever. I hate hidden charges, etc. just as much as you do. That's why you'll only make one payment today..that's it. You'll get everything I'm about to share with you...the entire thing delivered instantly to you for one super low price. It's straight forward and it's simple.

I Want To Get Started Now!

I am completely removing your risk, and putting all the risk on my own shoulders with this...


Get the system, review the materials as much as you want, implement the steps I teach you and if you can honestly say that it’s not everything I promised and you can’t make money from it, then I want you to contact me and I will return every cent you paid. No questions asked. But that's not all... I'm also going to CHALLENGE YOU!


I've vigorously designed this system so that anyone - including you - can jump right in and start generating profits quickly and without spending a fortune. Give Me Immediate Access Now!

With NO risk or an endless learning curve, there really is no better way to start making money in real estate these days. I've got a 50lb book at my office full of testimonials and recommendations, but take a look at what just a few of our past customers have to say about my products...

Wow...Lou delivers the most step-by-step education people can get on wholesaling houses. Just with one of the techniques I learned from Lou I made $20,000 on a deal I thought I had lost.

- Charles W. Moore  


Lou Castillo obviously has command on this subject and the track record to prove it. I can’t believe how much material was was ingenious. This will be the difference between success and failure.

- John Sayen
Like alot of folks, I’ve been to a number of seminars with real estate GURUS. I just wanted everyone to know that I got more value out of this than the $17,500 I have spent with others (ad nothing to show for it). I am impressed with Lou's knowledge and system he over delivered in every way.

- Michael Shafer

I've literally done everything for you here. When you click the "add to cart" button below you're going to get access to a complete and easy step-by-step system that will walk you through every step in the Wholesaling Pretty Houses process. Even if you've never done a deal OR if you've never dabbled in real estate.

Here's what you need to be able to start bringing in at least $5,000 or more per month using this system:

1. A desire to create wealth with a proven system.

2. The ability to follow very simple instructions.

This really is the easiest and fastest way I know of for anyone to make money in real estate in today's market!

Now, even though I've decided to reduce the price dramatically and I know that once you get started you'll literally be days away from making back 50 times your investment...I want to make this the biggest no brainer decision you ever make for your business. But, I don't want to only give you the information I also want to make sure you have the tools you'll need to start profiting now.

The next few people are going to earn something VERY special for taking fast action because...


Take advantage of my 15 Yearsof Investing experience... and every situation I've ever faced, andevery problem I've ever solved... to rocket your business through theroof!

You'll have my completeattention from me for 30 minutes, as we focus like a laser onyour business. You'll get a customized blueprint for maximizing yourprofits, blowing away your obstacles, and solving any problems you maybe having...

Look, I've had people pay me as much as $1,000 an hour for me to turn their businesses around...
...and not one has ever asked for their money back!

So,you get 1-on-1 help from me, tailored to your specific needs totransform your business into a money-making machine... I'll help you toearn more cash than you’ve ever dared to dream, and put you well onyour way to financial independence!

And as if that weren't enough, I'm also giving you...

You'll never have to question where to go or what to do, because I've laid everything out for you in amazing crisp detail. You'll have every form for dealing with sellers, buyers, attorneys...everyone! Plus...I'll show you how to use them too!

You get my complete library of forms I use to run my pretty houses wholesaling business, every day. You can't make real money just knowing how to run a business -- you need the right tools to make it work.

And I'm giving them to you here!

These have taken me years to develop and refine... so let me tell you, they work! And you can't get them anywhere else.

You're going to be able to get instant access to my entire wholesaling pretty houses marketing swipe files where you can use and swipe the pieces for yourself if you wish or simply add your name and send them out as-is. These marketing tools work...and they work well.

Use these done for you marketing pieces to attract deals easier and faster than you ever thought possible and crush any competition at the same time.

...and NO I'm still not done. What would a complete system be without...

Because we also know that education without implementation is worthless, we've also designed built-in accountability measures to help guarantee that you actually implement these new strategies into your business!

We've designed specific systems to lead you during implementation, so you can get to profits fast.

You and I both know that even the most organized and motivated people need a good swift kick in the pants, especially when it comes to trying to do something new. I'm doing everything I can to make sure that after you get started today, you have the least amount of resistance and the fastest path to profits! I want to get started now!

and of course, I've also got you covered with my...

One of the biggest fears most people have about getting started in talking to buyers and sellers. It can be scary sometimes going into any situation where you don't know what to expect. That's why I'm also going to give you my proven sales and negotiating scripts.

These are the exact same scripts that I use to train my highest paid staff members.

You'll become an expert at dealing with any questions your sellers may have. You'll have an answer to all their problems, and you'll sound like a professional that's done this many times over.

Mastering these scripts will give you extreme confidence, which is an ultimate trust builder that will catapult you into success faster than you can imagine!

Trust me, with this course and these bonuses working for you , you can't help but hit the BIG time!

Secure Your Copy NOW For A One Off 67% Discounted Price of $97Add to Cart

Wholesale Pretty houses System (Value - $297)

Personal 1-on-1 Phone Consultation With Me (Value - $497)

My Big FAT check producing Contracts & Forms (Value - $297)

Treasure Chest of Market Crushing Swipe Files  (Value - $297)
Built In Accountability to ensure you GET results! (Value - $197)
Street Tested & Proven Million Dollar Sales & Negotiating Scripts(Value - $297)

But if you take action today and get started now, I'm going to let you get everything for a tiny fraction of this amount, Only one payment of $97. Again, I have my reasons (see above if you missed it), but you're going to want to take advantage of my offer now. This price is temporary and it will go up.

Plus, You're completely 100% covered by my 6 YEAR guarantee below (6 month guarantees are for weenies)..


YES - I understand this is *BRAND NEW* and generates a lot of cash easily
YES - I totally understand this is the REAL deal and there is no quicker way to generate real profits like this
YES - I understand I can try this system out and put your claims to the test for a full 6 months, forget that, 6 YEARS and if for any reason I change my mind I am covered by your no questions asked guarantee!

I'm ready to follow simple *proven* steps to live my dreams, quit my day job and make real money in real estate in the shortest time possible

My life & business will never be the same as soon as I press the *Add To Cart* button below

What could be fairer than that?

Simply click the 'add to cart' button below.

Secure Your Copy NOW For A One Off 67% Discounted Price of $97Add to Cart

But you need to act fast, because the real truth is this:

"Every day you delay or waste not moving forward is a day you lose profits...and a day that you continue circling yourself in the rat race. And with a strategy like this where it's so easy and affordable to get started and make money you'll kick yourself if you don't push yourself to get started today!"

And Here's Yet Another Reason To Act Immediatley:

This isn't a gimmick or marketing ploy either. The simple fact is if everyone and their brother knows my secrets, then their effectiveness would be diluted. I want you to corner your market, to crush your competition... to dominate to the point that no one else in town will have a chance...

You can do this!

Anda key to your success will be if I limit how many people get thesesecrets. So I’ve got a maximum number I can sell, then I’m taking itdown... forever!

Now, depending on how fast it sells, that could be a month... even a week...

Regardless, I must preserve its value. Heck I'm going to be even more strict when it comes to selling a copies to anyone that lives in my home town because I simply don't see the point of creating unnecessary competition for myself.

...and I refuse to saturate the market at the expense of my students.

"Hey Lou, just wanted to share a recent success. I just sold my first deal for a net profit of $23,000 just 1 day after going under contract!

I'd like to say a big THANK YOU to Lou for teaching me the process to make this deal happen: from the marketing all the way through to the close. You delivered on your promises, and I really appreciate it.”

J.J. Mangan, GA


So, you should order now, you're covered by my No Questions Asked money back guarantee and you've got nothing to lose!

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 You should know this about me. I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I've had to create my own wealth and build my business from scratch and this new system is one of the fastest and most creative you'll ever experience.

I understand how you feel. I know what you're going through.  I can help you get the wealth and financial freedom you and your family deserve. Please let me try.


Expect abundance,

Lou Castillo
Your Real Estate Coach

P.S.  If you're ready to finally make some real money using a proven system and strategy that is perfect for today's market and has already made many people very wealthy, then you need to jump on this today.

There are 3 types of people and today is the day that you can decide which of those people you want to be:

One - those who watch things happen...
Two - those who wish things will happen...
Three - those who MAKE things happen...

 If you are (or are ready to be) the third type of person then join me now.

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